25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (2024)

Oval nails have been a slow-simmering trend for at least the last five years. We’ve noticed that this year they’re turning up the heat! Sure, stilettos and coffins are still insanely popular, it’s true. But apples and oranges, you know? Oval nails are the yin to their yang.

They are light and carefree, with no sharp corners or hard edges. If oval nails were a person, they’d rather offer you a cold glass of sweet sun tea! Trendy, down-to-earth, and stylish, oval nails are the sweet southern charmer of nail shapes.

Oh. Did we mention oval nails are one of the strongest nail shapes around?

In this article, you’ll find a list of oval nail designs you must try ASAP! We also share tips, styles, and products for nail inspo, like

  • Elegant oval nail designs to try
  • Oval gel nail tips and styles
  • Short oval nails designs
  • Oval shaped press on nails and where to get them

Plus many other oval nails ideas to snack on before your next mani!

Oval nail shapes are for anyone who wants to add an excellent go-to-manicure to their buffet of options. So, here are 26 exciting oval nail designs trending this year.

Oval Nails Designs

Sometimes, they’re confused with round nails. Oval nails are thinner, curvier, and have inward-facing corners. The sides of oval nails are smooth and transition into a soft oval tip. Short fingers? Oval nails can lengthen short fingers and make your nails appear longer, too. Whether you want medium oval nails, prefer long oval nail designs, or desire natural, nude oval nails, there’s a style with you in mind like it was meant to be!

An oval nail is a silky canvas, so you can show off that nail art you adore. And because oval nails are so adaptable, easy to customize, and maintain, they’re never outdated. They’re trendy by design and not because of their shape. That’s one distinction setting oval nails apart from stilettos, coffins, or lipstick nails which are famous for their defining feature, their shape.

Oval nails are sort of a neutral palette to experiment with styles, colors, and designs to make them your own. We’ve noticed several oval nail styles trending this year, like

  • White oval nails with a marble design
  • Black French oval tip nails
  • Light pink oval nails
  • Oval press on nails
  • Oval nude nails
  • Black oval nails

So, let’s talk about the various oval nails mentioned above and more. You might decide to do a few novel styles or feel inspired to try them all!

White Oval Nails

Milky white oval nails are a breezy-cool style to wear for fall and winter. White matte nails may be trendy in the summer, but soft white oval nails will leave you feeling ready for a change in temperature! For milky-smooth nails this season, try Adrianne K’s Angelic gel polish you can get on Amazon. It has a sheer milky white finish that goes on smooth and streak-free for perfect glossy white oval nails.

Short Oval Nail Designs

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (2)Instagram@nails.by.amelaPIN

You could say keeping up with nail trends of the moment is manicure mindfulness 😉 That’s where the action is! And this year, short oval nail designs are bringing in plenty of movement. Short oval nails are perfect for tiny nail art, delicate details, and natural light or bold colors. We see a lot of styles wearing solid colors as well. Short oval nail designs may include

  • Dainty flowers and dots
  • Neon lines, accents, outlines, or tips
  • Thin stripes or wavy lines
  • Thin, curvy french tips
  • Dark solid colors
  • Pastels
  • Brown colors or stripes

Simple Oval Nail Designs

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (3)Instagram@nutella_nails_PIN

With so many new nail products and new styles calling our attention each second it’s easy to get lost in the beauty buzz! Yet what we ultimately want is oh so painfully simple. We want to look good and feel good. Simple oval nail designs can help you check off those important boxes.

Simple oval nail designs are inspired by minimalism.

  1. Neutral or limited colors
  2. Stripped down
  3. Basic but alluring design elements
  4. Single color schemes
  5. High quality, functionality, strength
  6. Limited ornaments

Black Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (4)Instagram@lara.nails_lnPIN

Black nail polish isn’t going anywhere, so when you’re toying with the idea of black oval nails, you could try colors that add a dash of mystery. Why not choose a black polish with a deep purple or dark cherry-red undertone? That takes traditional black nail polish into new territory. The barely-visible second color comes through just enough for others to do a double-take. Be prepared to hear ‘let me see your nails’ and to answer, ‘what color is your polish’, often. For sultry black oval nails, you’ve got to try OPI’s creamy nail polish Lincoln Park After Dark. Get it on Amazon.

Cute Oval Nails

For super cute oval nails, go with solid colors and darker tones or light neutrals like gray, light pink, or peach. You can buy a cute color from the store without breaking your wallet, too. And if you’re ever shopping at Target, you can choose to get your manicure done by a cute robot. Well, the whole process is kind of cute.

For about $10, you can get your nails painted by Clockwork, the robot manicure machine. Style options are limited to a few select solid colors but for a fraction of the cost of a professional manicure at the salon. It takes approximately 20 minutes, and you’re done. Will that be the manicure of the future? Who knows. For now, it’s a fun, novel experience to break the ice!

Nude Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (6)Instagram@tbeautywelwynPIN

If you’re dedicated to taking a natural route with your nails, you can get gorgeous nude oval nails using natural shades. But some nail polish brands may use harmful chemicals, so avoiding nasty toxins is one reason why completely nude oval nails are so appealing. Still, if you want a bit of nude polish, you’re in luck because there are plenty of less-toxic nail polish options. Less-toxic polish will be labeled Big-3-Free, meaning it doesn’t use three of the worst toxic chemicals in its formula.

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Dibutyl phthalate
  3. Toluene

To take the natural route a step further, you can opt for 100% non-toxic, Big-20-Free nail polish! It’s free from 20 harmful chemicals. Non-toxic lacquer, like 100% PURE’s 20-free nail polish, comes in five creamy, natural colors with fun names like Fog-et About It, Mauve-Over, and Silver Screen. This polish is vegan and cruelty-free too!

But even if we don’t need a coat of color, nude oval nails are rarely totally bare and exposed. Not without at least a strengthening coat of clear polish. Unfortunately, nail hardeners may have harmful toxins, too (ugh).

Zohna Tip

Salons offer much more than polish and nail extensions. To give your cuticles, nails, and hands some extra TLC, ask for a paraffin manicure. Your hands are dipped in wax for 20-30 minutes and then peeled away, leaving them baby-soft. The treatment is meant to hydrate the skin, increase circulation, and soothe muscles and joints!

See the table below for a quick reference of three of the worst nail polish toxins to avoid when picking out nail products.

Toxic IngredientWhat Is It?How It’s Used
FormaldehydeIs a carcinogen linked to lung and nasal cancers.Often used in nail hardeners and may be used in many nail polish brands unless specifically labeled.
Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)Is a chemical linked to reproductive problems. It’s banned in Europe.Usually used in nail polish to make it flexible and less prone to cracking and chipping.
TolueneIs a chemical linked to nervous system issues, birth defects, and developmental problems. Symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Banned in the EU.Often added to nail polish to make it more smooth when applied. Also used in nail polish remover and other nail products.

Red Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (7)Instagram@freshliipaintedPIN

Red oval nails might bring back some 1980s nostalgia. Maybe you were a teen circa 1985, rockin’ red oval nails and teased hair, listening to careless whisper on the radio. Or maybe you grew up watching Saved by the Bell. Stirrup pants may have come and gone, but red oval nails made it to 2022 without aging a bit! To get the best shade of red oval nails, choose a shade of red that complements your skin tone. Check out the table below.

Skin ToneRed Nail Polish
FairGo for reds with a cool or blue undertone. For a darker red option, try a deep cherry red.
MediumRed colors with warm, orange, or pink undertones like coral.
OliveReds with warm undertones look amazing. Think glossy apple-red or tomato-red shades.
DarkWine and dine your nails with a deep, rich red color with a cool undertone. Think burgundy red or purple-red for a darker shade of polish.

Oval Press On Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (8)Instagram@amore_nailsartPIN

If you’re a fan of press on nails then the newest press on nail trend known as Static Nails might be you’re new favorite manicure. The nails are reusable, so they’re already going to save you money. Static nails come in several shapes, which you can cut and customize for pretty press on oval nails. They seem to be leveling up the press on nails playing field, and the magic is in the glue they provide with the set. Here’s the secret.

After you apply the glue, it dries and dissolves and therefore doesn’t cause damage to the natural nails. The nails can last as long as 10 days according to some sources although the company claims 18 days. Static Nails use clean products, and the glue is non-toxic. They also offer 100% non-toxic nail polish remover, plus they’re cruelty-free! You can find Static Nails at beauty retailers like Ulta or Nordstrom. Or, you can go straight to the company’s website.

Pink Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (9)Instagram@mbeauty__xPIN

Gorgeous light pink oval nails are popular this year but have been around as a staple nail style for ages. Pink oval nails may be worn short, but they look amazing as medium or long oval nails, too. The light pink color reminiscent of a ballet slipper is neutral, clean, and professional. To add some variety, go for a matte pink in lieu of a creamy texture. Try DND’s set of glossy gel polish in Ballet Pink, a soak-off gel duo polish that can last for up to 21 days.

Oval Ombre Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (10)Instagram@agneseheringaPIN

For oval ombre nails, try a natural rock design. They’re sometimes called marble nails, but they can look like any natural rock formation. You’ll have a polished look and stone-smooth nails you can’t help but admire! This style looks especially sublime on trendy oval nails and in natural stoney colors like tan, light pink, gray, white, and black.

Delicate and feminine, oval ombre nails look divine in other colors and styles, too, including

  • Light pink, white, and pastel
  • Translucent jelly nails
  • Sheer glitter ombre

Oval Gel Nails

Gel is still one of the best manicures if only for the look and the strength it offers. Although it offers so much more with respect to design and color. It’s possible to shape oval gel nails using a hard gel on top of natural nails too. Oval gel nails may incorporate a subtle french tip, splotches of colors, or wavy lines. Find inspiration from pop art or an abstract painting to add a splash of artistic flair to gel oval nails.

Designs by New York nail artist Alicia Torello look bright, simple, detailed, and all-around gorgeous. She uses simple geometric shapes, thin straight lines, and various other techniques that look amazing on oval nails and show how she’s truly captured the art of simplicity. Check out some of her work @aliciatnails on Instagram.

Oval Tip Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (12)Instagram@thenailc.e.oPIN

A hot trend making rounds this year is oval tip nails, french black oval tip nails, that is! The black tips on an oval nail design work well because the oval shape creates a lovely, french-tip curve. Shiny black polish creates more pop for oval nail tips than matte in this case. Follow up with a clear top coat to add more gloss.

Medium Oval Nails

Medium oval nails are going to be just slightly past the fingertips and curve into an oval shape at the tip. Medium oval nails can be thought of as Goldie Locks nails, they’re not too short, and they’re not too long. They’re just right! If you love the light shades we’ve been talking about, try creamy, minty green. A solid coat of minty green polish looks as crisp as a cucumber, you can’t go wrong with a pop of color. Try adding stripes or a hot pink line down the middle for minty-sweet nails.

Brown Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (14)Instagram@milloyo7PIN

Brown oval nails are underrated, and the variety of shades available look absolutely gorgeous. The best shade of brown will enhance your skin tone and complement the clothes you wear. Striped brown oval nails have a 1970s vibe that has come back around this fall. The style is reminiscent of brown floral couches, wooden cabinets, patterned kitchen tiles, and living room wallpaper. The colors look stunning next to shades of light pink, gold, orange, and cream.

Elegant Oval Nail Designs

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (15)Instagram@milanasnailstudioPIN

Classic and high quality are the focus of elegant oval nail designs. Classic nail styles include

  1. French manicure
  2. Solid colors
  3. Neutral colors
  4. Classic colors like red

In addition to the style that elegant oval nail designs exude, elegance is all in the way you treat your nails. Using cuticle oil will keep your fingertips moisturized. And maintaining your manicure with a strong top coat will help it last longer and resist chipping.

Long Oval Nail Designs

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (16)Instagram@crazynailsbygracePIN

Long oval nails are normally not as long as other long nail shapes. Even long oval nails are going to feel short if you’re used to wearing ultra-long claws like stilettos or coffins. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be long. Long oval nail designs are less flashy and more neutral or clear.

Oval Dip Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (17)Instagram@hipnailsringgoldPIN

Dip powder is popular because it’s one of the most popular manicures you can do at home, next to layering on straight polish. Oval dip nails are a money-saving alternative if you’re on a strict budget but want more than a coat of lacquer, or can’t leave the house. Plus, they look natural and allow you to do nearly any color or style. Oval dip nails may last up to four weeks when done with quality dip powder and applied correctly. Best part? Unlike gel nails, dip powder doesn’t need to be cured under a lamp.

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of oval dip nails below.

Oval Dip Nails ProsOval Dip Nails Cons
Long lastingSlightly more expensive than gel manicures (on average $5-$10 more)
Strong than gel polishCross-contamination can happen if dip powder is shared between two people.
No cure timeExcess loose powder is wasted if it isn’t collected after application.
Easy to create patterns by dipping nails into powder rather than using a brush-free hand.Might take longer to remove than gel, depending on the number of dip powder layers that were applied.

Blue Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (18)Instagram@nails.by.amelaPIN

While oval nails tend to show off softer colors and dainty designs, there are always exceptions. Deep blue oval nails are one such exception. If you love the sea or are drawn to the whole maritime aesthetic, blue oval nails will love you right back! Royal blue oval nails are a bright but deep purple-blue color that’ll have you feeling like a royal mermaid.

Light Blue Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (19)Instagram@nailsxashley_PIN

Light blue, sometimes called baby blue or sky blue, is a steely soft blue with a hint of green. Light blue oval nails will look blue-tinted and pale. Light blue is similar to fuji blue, as pictured above, but less metallic. Because light blue is so pleasing to the eyes already, light blue oval nails are cool and dreamy with polish and not much else.

Classy Long Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (20)Instagram@lynslov3lynailsPIN

Classy long oval nails are like a brand new pair of perfectly fitted jeans and a white tee. They’re dolled up in light colors and simple patterns, modest and flattering while complementing your personal style. These nails look very natural and subdued, but you shouldn’t hesitate to add a pop of color.

The idea is to look for nail styles that are on-trend but also done with quality in mind. That can set your look apart from fads and gimmicks because fads tend to come and go. Classy oval nail trends are onto something. They’re more likely to evolve and inspire future styles.

Purple Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (21)Instagram@evaz_nails_PIN

This year, trendy purple oval nails are deep purple with blue or red undertones, like the color of light red wine. They are a lovely contrast to the lighter, pastel hues we see a lot of, particularly with oval nails. Oval shape nail designs and colors are often lighter, thinner, softer, and relatively simple compared to some of the other nail shapes we’ve talked about. Purple oval nails see a lot of lavender shades as well as lilac. The design is flowery and sweet but also tantalizing and bold.

Yellow Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (22)Instagram@nails.by.amelaPIN

Some of the most popular colors this year seem to range from bright highlighter yellow or a softer pastel yellow. At the end of the year, as we get closer to the holidays, yellows with hints of orange have been springing up like wildflowers! Yellow oval nails have taken to these themes as well. We see a lot of squash-yellow oval nails and mustard-yellow oval nails. You can add a simple design or wear them solid. They’re all delicious!

Neutral Oval Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (23)Instagram@oneplus_nailPIN

Neutral oval nails use neutral tones that support or complement your style or skin tone. The goal behind finding the best neutral nail polish is to find a color that doesn’t compete with your look or clash with your skin tone. Neutral colors include

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
  • White
  • Beige

Pastel Oval Nails

Maybe it’s because they’re shaped like an egg that gets pastel oval nails moving towards an easter theme. Oval shaped, pastel acrylic nails make you think of easter eggs and spring colors like pale yellow, green, blue, and pink. Pastel tips are also quite popular, transforming traditional french tip nails into candy-dipped ornaments.

Oval Glitter Nails

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (25)Instagram@glitter.nails._PIN

Popular styles change and transition each decade. Oval glitter nails are a popular style, specifically sheer glitter or glitter ombre designs. Oval nails are made for light details like loose glitter or glitter polish plus the style is easy to pull off. You can use gold glitter, but other colors work well too. Add a layer of glitter to the tips of the nails for a subtle ombre effect. Finish off with a glossy, quick-dry top coat for simple glitter oval nails.


Whether you’re looking for an elegant nail design or want to change it up with an all-natural, easy-to-maintain nail shape, oval nails have something to offer everyone. We love oval nails and have a hard time choosing a favorite. For more nail ideas, check out our top nails for the holidays. We have more designs for you to explore.

25 Stunning Oval Nail Designs You’ll Love (2024)


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