617 Thc Robbery (2024)

1. Roxbury woman charged with helping to rob cannabis dispensary where ...

  • 13 aug 2022 · Lugo was arraigned Thursday in municipal court in Dorchester on a charge of armed robbery. Judge Thomas S. Kaplanes set a $5,000 cash bail in ...

  • Prosecutors say that Jessica Lugo, 27, secured a job at 4 Corners Cannabiz on Washington Street in Dorchester under the name “Neveah Monroe.” On Monday, they say, Lugo — under her alleged pseudonym…

2. 617 THC: Home

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  • Quality Cannabis in the Heart of the Neighborhood

3. 2 people targeted by robbers after leaving Boston cannabis shop

  • 11 okt 2022 · Person robbed after leaving Boston cannabis shop, attempted robbery also reported 00:21. BOSTON -- One person was robbed and another was ...

  • A victim had $190 worth of cannabis products stolen from them after walking out of Cannabist Boston Dispensary, police said.

4. Two teens and juvenile arrested after Sunday robbery of Allston smoke ...

5. Tim McNamara on LinkedIn: Just had 10s of thousands of dollars robbed ...

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  • Just had 10s of thousands of dollars robbed at gunpoint from a cash truck that is specially licensed by the State CCC to carry our cannabis deposits. Costs us… | 94 comments on LinkedIn

6. Three Arrested in Armed Robbery of Cash Courier - Department of Justice

  • 9 mei 2024 · Defendants allegedly robbed armed courier working for licensed cannabis companies of over $430,000 in cash; zip-tied and pepper sprayed the ...

  • BOSTON – Three men have been arrested and charged in connection with the February 2024 armed robbery of a cash courier in Swansea, Mass. The defendants are charged with robbing courier at gunpoint; zip-tying and pepper spraying victim; then burning the stolen getaway vehicle.

7. Police Log: Man Arrested for Armed Robbery at Dispensary, Employee ...

8. A status report on Dot's cannabis entrepreneurs | Dorchester Reporter

  • 10 mei 2023 · Backed by Dorchester investors, 617THC at 144 Bowdoin St. is smaller than Apex Noire, but still boasts seven points of sale and a spacious ...

  • Cutting the ribbon on a new cannabis dispensary or getting state approvals for marketing marijuana can seem like a normal course of business these days in Boston. But for a number of Dorchester operatives, the possession of permits represents years of navigating steep learning curves. After five years of meetings, cobbling together financing, and completing an endless number

9. Member of Violent Gang Pleads Guilty to Racketeering Involving ...

  • 29 apr 2024 · Additionally, Correia pleaded guilty to his role in an armed robbery of a drug customer as well as to distributing $1,400 worth of marijuana to ...

  • BOSTON – A Boston man pleaded guilty today to his role in Cameron Street, a violent Boston gang.

10. Site Map | Boston Crime Lawyer Stephen Neyman

  • Site Map · Case Results » Aggravated or Armed Burglary · Case Results » Annoying, Harassing and Obscene Phone Calls · Case Results » Assault and Battery · Case ...

  • Free Consultation - Call 617-263-6800 - Available 24/7. Law Offices of Stephen Neyman - Boston, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer. Experienced attorney defending criminal cases throughout Massachusetts, state and federal courts. Boston Crime Lawyer | Stephen Neyman | Site Map

11. 19-year-old held without bail for role in a December armed robbery

  • 26 mrt 2024 · ... robbery in Roxbury, District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced. ... marijuana through Logan to London ... (617) 619-4000. ABOUT THE OFFICE. Our office ...

  • BOSTON, March 26, 2024 – A 19-year-old with pending armed robbery charges was found dangerous and held without bail Friday in Roxbury BMC on new charges stemming from a December armed robbery in Roxbury, District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced. ANTHONY ECHAVARRIA RAMIREZ, 19, of Roslindale was ch

12. Menu | 144 Bowdoin Street Boston, MA 02122 - 617 THC

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  • 617 THC | 144 Bowdoin Street Boston, MA 02122

13. [PDF] MR281332_Ashlis-Inc..pdf - Cannabis Control Commission

  • plans, and plans if theft of diversion or robbery occur. o Product education o Food safety and Handling o Sexual harassment o Equitable Workplace o Incident ...

14. Teen arrested in armed robbery of Boston Domino's delivery driver

  • 11 feb 2024 · 11, 2024, 4:10 p.m.. Boston Domino's Armed Robbery. Two teen suspects robbed a Boston Domino's delivery driver in ...

  • Two teens robbed a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon, according to Boston police.

617 Thc Robbery (2024)


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