Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, & More (2024)

Norissa Valdez is a popular TikTok star and influencer. She creates fun and engaging content that has captured the hearts of many. With her self-titled TikTok account, Norissa has gained a large following and continues entertaining her fans with her creativity and humor. Her rise to fame has been impressive, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

She is a content creator, and Norissa is a role model for young girls who aspire to follow in her footsteps. Through her success on social media, she has proven that hard work and dedication can lead to great opportunities. Keep an eye out for Norissa Valdez as she continues to make her mark in the digital world.

Quick Bio

NameNorissa Valdez
Birth dateDecember 10, 2003
BirthplaceNew Mexico, United States
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
Weight50 kilograms (110 pounds)

Who is Norissa Valdez

Norissa Valdez is a bright and creative person who shares videos on TikTok, a popular app where people watch short clips. She was born in New Mexico in the United States on December 10, 2003. This makes her a young and energetic star on the internet. Norissa is not just someone who makes videos but also an influencer.

This means she helps shape ideas and trends many young girls look up to. She started by posting fun and interesting videos that many people enjoy watching. She has become very popular because of her hard work and great ideas.

Norissa lives in a world where sharing and creating on social media can make big dreams come true. She shows everyone that with dedication, you can achieve wonderful things. Norissa’s journey is inspiring, showing that anyone from any place can share their joy and creativity with the world.

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Career of Norissa Valdez

Norissa Valdez started her journey on TikTok in 2019 just as a teenager. She loved making videos and thought TikTok was a fun place to share them. Norissa worked hard to create content that people would enjoy. She made funny clips, showed off her dance moves, and shared parts of her daily life. People liked what she posted, and she quickly gained many followers. Today, she has more than 950,000 fans on TikTok who look forward to her videos.

Norissa didn’t stop with TikTok. She also made a YouTube channel where she posts longer videos. People enjoy watching her there, too. Her YouTube channel has gotten over 11 million views! This shows how much people like watching her content.

Norissa’s career on the internet started with just a phone and a love for making videos. Now, she’s known by many and continues to share her talent with the world. Her story tells us that starting young and sticking with what you love can lead to amazing places.

Norissa Valdez Age

Norissa Valdez was born in New Mexico in the United States. Her birthday is on December 10, which means she celebrates it once every year. Thatmeans, in 2024, Norissa is 21 years old.

As she grows, she keeps making fun videos and sharing her life with people worldwide through her TikTok and YouTube channels. Every year, she gets a little older, just like us, and continues to do what she loves.

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Norissa Valdez Education

Norissa Valdez grew up in a cozy place with her brother. They both went to the same school, called Los Alamos High School. This school is known for being good and is in their town. Norissa might be going to college now. She hasn’t talked much about it, but many believe she’s learning more things at a higher level.

Going to college is a big step, and it’s where you study a lot after finishing high school. Norissa’s journey from a well-known high school to possibly being in college shows she values learning and growing. Like how she works hard on her videos, she’s likely doing the same with her studies.

Norissa Valdez Boyfriend

In the world of famous people like Norissa Valdez, many fans are curious about who she might be dating. It’s normal to wonder about the personal lives of stars we see on the internet. However, Norissa likes to keep some parts of her life private, including information about her boyfriend. She hasn’t shared details about dating anyone publicly.

This could mean she focuses on her career and makes fun videos for her fans. Or, she might prefer keeping her love life away from the spotlight. Like anyone else, Norissa decides what she wants to share with the world. So, for now, there isn’t much to say about Norissa Valdez’s boyfriend because she chooses to keep that part of her life just for her.

Norissa Valdez Net Worth

Norissa Valdez has done well by making videos and being on the internet. Many people are curious about how much money she has made from being so popular. Well, it’s thought that she has around $200,000. This is a big amount of money! Norissa makes money by sharing her videos on TikTok and YouTube.

When many people watch her videos, she can earn money from ads and sometimes companies who want her to talk about their stuff. It’s like being paid to share what you love doing. This money also helps her to keep making great content for everyone who follows her. It’s amazing to see how sharing your talent with the world can make you famous and help you earn money.

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Norissa Valdez Physical Appearance

Norissa Valdez stands at an elegant height of 5 feet 4 inches, about 1.63 meters tall, and maintains a weight of approximately 50 kilograms (110 pounds). Her dedication to fitness and health is evident in her physique, with body measurements of 32-26-34 inches. These dimensions contribute to her graceful presence on and off the camera.

Norissa wears a shoe size of 6 UK, which matches her petite and well-proportioned frame. Her black hair and black eyes further accentuate her striking appearance, features that not only enhance her visual appeal but also add depth to her on-screen presence.

This combination of attributes makes Norissa Valdez a recognizable face in the digital world, complementing her creative talents and helping her stand out in the crowded space of social media influencers.

Before Fame

Before Norissa Valdez became a TikTok star, she was like any other girl growing up in New Mexico. She loved doing regular things that kids enjoy. Norissa was always creative, even as a little girl. She liked to imagine stories and make dances. This love for creativity is what led her to the internet. Norissa’s family and friends noticed she was good at entertaining others.

They would watch her perform and tell her how much they enjoyed it. This made her happy and allowed her to share her talents with more people. Before she knew it, Norissa was making videos on the internet. She started small, using just her phone to record.

Over time, she learned how to make her videos better and more fun. Norissa’s journey to fame began with her simply sharing what she loves to do. It shows that doing what you enjoy can lead you to exciting places.

The Philanthropic Side of Norissa Valdez

Norissa Valdez is not only known for her fun videos but also for her big heart. She believes in helping others and does so by getting involved in charity work. Norissa understands that she has the power to make a difference in the world and uses her popularity for good causes.

She often talks about important issues on her social media to make more people aware. Sometimes, she joins events that raise money for people who need help. Norissa also encourages her fans to be kind and to help those around them.

She shows that being famous is more than having many followers and using your voice to support others. By doing these things, Norissa proves she cares about making the world a better place for her fans and everyone.

Award And Achievement

Norissa Valdez has done something cool. In 2020, she won the Best TikToker Award. This is a big deal because many think she’s the best at making TikTok videos. Winning this award was challenging. Some so many people make videos on TikTok, but Norissa’s videos are special. They are fun, creative, and make people happy. That’s why she stood out and got this award.

It shows how hard she works and how much people enjoy what she does. Getting this award is like getting a gold star for being amazing at sharing her talents on TikTok. It’s a big thumbs up for all the effort she puts into her videos.

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Norissa Rose to Fame in 2019 Via TikTok

In 2019, something cool happened to Norissa Valdez. She started to share her videos on a fun app called TikTok. People all over the world use this app to watch short videos. Norissa made videos where she danced, told jokes, and showed little parts of her day. These videos were so fun and interesting that more and more people began to watch them.

Pretty soon, she had a lot of fans who couldn’t wait to see her next video. It was like magic how quickly she became popular. This was a big year for her because it changed her life. She went from being a regular girl to a famous internet star. Everyone loved her energy and the joy she brought to their screens. This is how Norissa Valdez became known to many people and why they love watching her videos today.


Norissa Valdez, like many people who become famous on the internet, sometimes finds herself in the middle of disagreements or misunderstandings. These situations are called controversies. They can happen when someone doesn’t agree with what she says or does in her videos or if she accidentally upsets someone without meaning to.

It’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, and sometimes, mistakes can lead to learning better ways to do things. Norissa tries to handle these moments by being kind and understanding. She knows listening and talking out is the best way to solve problems. Even when controversies happen, Norissa works hard to ensure her fans know she cares about them and wants to make the internet a positive place for everyone.


Norissa Valdez has a range of hobbies that keep her busy and inspired when she needs to create content for her fans. These pastimes give her a break from the digital world, fuel her creativity, and contribute to her overall well-being. Here are some of her favorite activities:

Dancing: Beyond her choreographed dances on TikTok, Norissa enjoys exploring various dance styles to express herself and stay fit.

Photography: With a keen eye for beauty, she loves capturing moments through her lens, showcasing her artistic side beyond video creation.

Traveling: Discovering new places and cultures is something Norissa is passionate about. She often shares glimpses of her travels on social media, inspiring her followers to explore the world.

Reading: Books offer her a gateway to different worlds, and she cherishes the quiet moments spent with a good novel, which also helps generate new ideas for her content.

Cooking: Experimenting in the kitchen lets her get creative with recipes and share her culinary adventures with her audience.

Fitness: Staying active is important to Norissa, whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a run, or practicing yoga. It helps her maintain her energy levels and is a great stress reliever.


How old is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa Valdez is 20 years old in 2023. You can figure out her age by subtracting her birth year, 2003, from the current year.

Does Norissa Valdez go to college?

Many people think Norissa Valdez might be in college now because she finished high school. She has yet to talk much about it, so we're unsure.

Is Norissa Valdez dating anyone?

Norissa Valdez keeps her love life private. She has yet to tell the public whether she has a boyfriend.

How tall is Norissa Valdez?

Norissa Valdez is 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is about 1.63 meters. She has a fit and healthy body.

How did Norissa Valdez become famous?

Norissa Valdez became famous by making fun and creative videos on TikTok and YouTube. People enjoy watching her content, which makes her a star.

What is Norissa Valdez's net worth?

It's thought that Norissa Valdez has a net worth of around $200,000. She makes money from her videos on TikTok and YouTube and sometimes from companies who ask her to talk about their products.

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In conclusion, Norissa Valdez’s story is truly inspiring. From making videos in her home in New Mexico to becoming a well-known TikTok star and YouTube personality, she shows us that following our passions can lead to amazing results. Norissa’s hard work and creativity have earned her a large following and made her a role model for many young people.

She teaches us that we can achieve our dreams with dedication and love for what we do. Norissa’s journey is a great example of how using and sharing your talents with the world can bring success and happiness. Remember, like Norissa, you, too, can turn your hobbies into a career and positively impact others. Keep dreaming, keep creating, and who knows? One day, you’ll inspire others with your story.

Norissa Valdez Bio, Career, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, & More (2024)


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