Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (2024)

Team USA's men's and women's Olympic artistic gymnastics teams have been set.

The top male and female gymnasts in the country gathered in Minneapolis to compete in the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team trials from Thursday, June 27, to Sunday, June 30. At the conclusion of the event, the men's and women's 2024 artistic gymnastics teams were named and are now ready to head to Paris for the 2024 Summer Games.

The men's team was chosen at the end of their qualifying on Saturday, with Fred Richard and Brody Malone leading the squad, while the women wrapped up their competition on Sunday and their squad will be led by Simone Biles and Suni Lee.

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The high-profile athletes hitting the mat included, of course, the most-decorated American gymnast of all time: Biles. These Games are set to be a redemption arc for her after she suffered from a debilitating case of the "twisties" in Tokyo in 2021 and dropped out of the majority of her events.

PEOPLE covered all the action in Minnesota, live, with reporters on the ground. Read the full recap from U.S. Olympics gymnastics team trials and get the reactions from the athletes joining the team.

The Paris Women's Team Has 4 Returning Veterans: Why That Matters

July 01, 2024 02:08 AM EDT

Except for Hezly Rivera, the other members of the five-person women's squad are all repeat competitors.

"It just says a lot about them, of their determination, of their gymnastics, of their preparation — and they've been there," Chellsie Memmel, a 2008 Olympic silver medalist who helped choose the 2024 team as a USA Gymnastics official, told PEOPLE earlier this week as it became clearer that the top qualifiers would mostly be veterans.

"I like that we have athletes that are sticking around a little bit longer than they used to or than we thought that they could. That they're not done," Memmel said. "They're still in their journey, and I love that."

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (1)

Meet the Youngest and Newest Member of the Women's Team

July 01, 2024 01:49 AM EDT

At 16, Hezly Rivera is nearly a full decade younger than Biles and, at least for now, is the youngest Team USA athlete to qualify for Paris — period.

"I'm so grateful to be here and to be called to the Olympic team, this has been my dream ever since I was like 8." she told reporters.

"I started when I was 5, and I made so many sacrifices to get here so I want to thank God and my coaches, my family, my friends and my teammates," she said. "It's just all been such an amazing journey. I can't believe I'm finally here."

Rivera will also be the newcomer in the squad as the other four women all competed together in Tokyo.

Biles, for her part, said of Rivera at a press conference later on Sunday: “She's so cute. She's so smart. She's beautiful. We're really proud of her for making this team and we're really excited to kind of show her the ropes and at least she doesn't have to do it alone.”

Expect to See Simone's Husband in Paris

July 01, 2024 12:49 AM EDT

At a late-night press conference after the team was chosen, Biles confirmed that her husband, Chicago Bears safety Jonathan Owens, plans to see her compete in the Paris Games because the team gave him "a couple days off from training camp."

It'll be a "short little time," she said, but she sounded clearly thrilled about it nonetheless.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (2)

Suni Has Emotional Moment Talking About Making the Team

July 01, 2024 12:40 AM EDT

The 21-year-old St. Paul native came in second in the trials and though she had struggles on the vault and beam, Lee posted the highest score of the entire event on bars, which has long been her signature and also won her a bronze medal at the Tokyo Games in 2021.

"I was just reminded of my goals every day and constantly surround by people who never let me give up, and I’m so thankful," Lee said after being selected, as she stood on stage with the other women.

In her debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which was delayed to August 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee was the first Asian-American woman to win a gold medal in the gymnastics all-around event.

Lee is also the first Hmong-American Olympian and has won a total of six combined Olympic and world championship medals since 2019.

She has faced challenges, however, including being diagnosed with kidney disease — which upended her career — and speaking openly about how hard it was to adjust to life as a college student after being an Olympian.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (3)

The Women's Team Headed to Paris is …

June 30, 2024 10:54 PM EDT

Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, Hezly Rivera, Suni Lee and Simone Biles: The five were announced here on Sunday along with the two traveling replacement athletes, Joscelyn Roberson and Leanne Wong.

Biles is only the fourth American woman ever to make it on three gymnastics teams.

Spotted: Today's Hoda Kotb

June 30, 2024 10:43 PM EDT

While the audience waits to learn who will be named to the 2024 gymnastics team, attendees have been treated to some post-show entertainment including dancing — and an unexpected appearance by the Today show's Hoda Kotb, who was seen mingling with some former gymnasts as she made her way across the floor of the arena.

And Olympic Trials Have Officially Concluded

June 30, 2024 10:24 PM EDT

The women's team will be announced soon.

The top five women are Biles in first, then Lee, Chiles, Carey and Hezly Rivera.

Women Start Wrapping Up: Simone Collects Herself as Joscelyn Roberson Cries

June 30, 2024 10:05 PM EDT

With the fourth and final rotation underway, the women are finishing their events, one by one, and each is receiving sustained applause and plaudits from the 16,000-plus attendees.

Biles, after another strong floor showing, briefly sat by the mat and took a moment to collect herself.

Joscelyn Roberson, meanwhile, broke into tears — of relief, perhaps, as well as joy — after her own successful floor event.

Will Any of the Women Have a Breakout Beam Moment?

June 30, 2024 09:40 PM EDT

With qualifying nearing its end, none of the women have yet had two strong showings on the balance beam, signaling an area to focus on heading into Paris.

Leaders like Biles and Lee have either fallen in each try (Biles) or, in Lee's case, saw their second attempt foiled by mistakes after a strong first routine.

By contrast, both gymnasts posted double scores of 14-plus points during the national championships.

Suni Sees a Big Stumble on Beam

June 30, 2024 09:11 PM EDT

After a crowd-grabbing routine on the bars, Lee appeared to struggle on the beam:

She fell once and almost fell again, and then opted for a different dismount as though to make the end of the routine easier on her — with less chance of an error.

She is in third place, heading into the third rotation, narrowly ahead of Carey, Hezly Rivera and Joscelyn Roberson. Biles and Chiles lead.

Lee will look to put up a big score in her second attempt at vault and on the floor, two places where she was also less than ideal during this year's national championships.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (4)

Simone and Suni Lead, (Almost) Nailing Their 1st Events

June 30, 2024 08:35 PM EDT

After the first of four full rotations, the top spots remain essentially unchanged from Friday.

But Lee, an Olympic bronze medalist on the uneven bars, pulled off a spotless bar routine, earning the highest score of that event so far — and pulling into a technical tie with Chiles.

Lee, who has been open about the various struggles she's faced since Tokyo, landed on the mat and broke into triumphant celebration.

Biles, on vault, landed another of her immensely difficult Yurchenko double pikes, though she had to hop back during her landing to avoid a fall. (Some viewers were quick to note online that it looked like Biles actually had too much power going into the skill — perhaps a good problem.)

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (5)

4 'Legends' Help Introduce the Women in Second Half of Trials

June 30, 2024 08:16 PM EDT

The final night of qualifying means even more star power from the world of gymnastics.

Kathy Johnson Clarke, Carly Patterson, Shannon Miller and Aly Raisman — medalists spanning generations of American success in the sport — all appeared together as four "legends" at the start of Day 4 of qualifying, brining many in the arena to their feet.

And The Voice winner Asher HaVon — shimmering from head to toe, with nails to match — delivered the final rendition of the national anthem.

Expect Simone Biles to Have 'a Little Fire in Her'

June 30, 2024 08:01 PM EDT

Since last fall, Biles has been filming for a new Netflix documentary project, Simone Biles Rising, which is set to premiere in July.

But director Katie Walsh and team are still following Biles' journey, including filming with her throughout the trials this week, as the final installments of the series won't air until after the 2024 Games.

Walsh, who is in near constant communication with Biles, tells PEOPLE that after Biles' slips on Friday, she is expecting even more of a fighting spirit.

"She's never going to be happy with a beam routine. Simone’s a perfectionist, right? She knows what she's capable of and she doesn't want anything less than that," Walsh says.

"She still wins the night because she’s so, so good. But I think little mistakes like that are good because it kind of puts a little fire in her," the director continues. "So I think she's going to come out and really kill it tonight, which I'm excited for. But I just — honestly, I just want her to be happy, and I know that she's in a good place and that makes me happy."

The Final Night of Qualifying Is About to Begin

June 30, 2024 07:34 PM EDT

The female gymnasts are set to return to the Target Center here in Minneapolis on Sunday night for the second half of their qualifying — after which five of them will make the cut for Team USA.

Since the start of qualifying, the field has narrowed with three surprising injuries: Skye Blakely, Kayla DiCello and Shilese Jones have all withdrawn after being hurt either during practice or the competition itself.

Those incidents have cast something of a pall over the women, they and their coaches have said. And that's on top of the usual stress of pushing to succeed in this once-every-four-year dream.

After the first night of qualifying, the women's field is led by the much revered Biles, who had the No. 1 floor and vault scores despite wobbling on the beam. Behind her are Chiles, Lee and Carey, in second, third and fourth — all of whom competed together in Tokyo in 2021.

Joscelyn Roberson is in fifth.

Newly Named U.S. Olympian Paul Juda in Happy Tears

June 29, 2024 09:29 PM EDT

Speaking after they were chosen, the five male gymnasts who will represent Team USA at theParis Olympicsstarting in July sounded variations on the same note — overjoyed, eager, excited, perhaps ready to get a bit of rest in the next few weeks.

If this victory wasn’teverything, then it was still a lot.

“I’m really glad that I wrote on my whiteboard — ‘become an Olympian,’ “ Paul Juda, 22, said, breaking down in happy tears. “I had fell short on a couple other goals that I wrote on that whiteboard and I was starting to think if I should erase the one that said Olympian because I guess maybe it won't come true.”

He also grew emotional while on TV.

Why Team USA's Male Gymnasts Are Pretty Sure They're Going to Win Big, at Last, in Paris

June 29, 2024 09:29 PM EDT

All the years of effort — the sweat, the stress, the success, the injuries; the certainty, no matter what else, in continuing to compete — ended this way for Stephen Nedoroscikand four of his new Team USA gymnasts:

They were sitting behind a curtain on Saturday, June, 29, waiting to hear the one thing that would change their lives forever. They were going to be Olympians in 2024.

Nedoroscik, a 25-year-old specialist in the pommel horse event, initially tried not to drive himself too crazy. He’d done nearly as well as he could in his signature event. After that, the gymnasts had to remain in limbo for about 30 minutes on Saturdayat the end of two days of qualifying.

The rest was waiting.

“Stay in my zone,” Nedoroscik thought. He texted his girlfriend, Tess McCracken, and then all of a sudden the selection committee arrived, paper in hand, with their decision.

“Before I knew it, my name was called and it was just the best moment of my life,” Nedoroscik told reporters afterward, elated.

His reaction was understandable: “I stood up and I said, ‘Holy— bad word,’ and I hugged all of the guys that were mentioned before me. I didn't cry, I'm no good at it. But maybe I will later when it really hits me.”

Here, the newly named five athletes open up about what it was like to be picked, how they've prepared and what's ahead. Read more.

Men's Team Is Named, Featuring Fred Richard and Brody Malone

June 29, 2024 06:01 PM EDT

After two days of qualifying during the 2024 U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials, the five team members were announced on Saturday, June 29, as Fred Richard, Malone, Paul Juda, Asher Hong and Stephen Nedoroscik.

The two traveling alternates were named as Shane Wiskus and Khoi Young.

Richard, a 20-year-old college student, led throughout men's qualifying — edging out Malone, the reigning national champion and a member of the men's team at the Tokyo Games in 2021.

Wiskus, who surged during the trials, receiving frequently rapturous response from a hometown crowd in Minneapolis, also competed in Tokyo.

After Richard in first and Malone in second, Wiskus came in third in the trials, Juda was fourth and Hong came in fifth.

Some News About the Women: Shilese Jones Withdraws

June 29, 2024 05:25 PM EDT

Despite managing to compete in one event in the first half of the women's trials, on Friday, June 28, Shilese Jones will not appear in the rest of the events, gymnastics officials said.

They suggested in a statement that the reason was medical.

"After being evaluated on Saturday, Shilese Jones will not continue competition at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials on Sunday," USA Gymnastics said in its statement.

Jones, 21, did compete in one event, on the bars, where she scored the highest of all the women.

Men's Trials Have Ended and the Team Will Be Chosen Soon

June 29, 2024 05:21 PM EDT

Day 3 — and the second half of men's qualifying — at the 2024 U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials have ended and officials will soon announce the men who have made the cut for Team USA to go to Paris.

Five gymnasts will be chosen along with two replacements.

At the end of qualifying, Fred Richard is in first, Malone is in second, Shane Wiskus came in third, Paul Juda came in fourth and Asher Hong came in fifth.

Richard is an all-but-certain lock for the team and said shortly after the men's trials ended that U.S. fans should expect medals when the men travel to France.

These Gymnasts Families Can't Contain Their Energy

June 29, 2024 04:39 PM EDT

It's a tale as old as sports — or at least as old as sports-on-TV:

The families of the athletes, watching in the stands, grab the cameras with their enthusiastic reactions.

The gymnastics trials have been no exception. Here's a quick look at some of the loved ones who have been letting loose in the crowd during the second half of men's qualifying, on Saturday, June 29.

Inside the Arena, It's Fred Richard's World

June 29, 2024 04:19 PM EDT

The 20-year-old Massachusetts native doesn't have some of the same Olympic, national or international success as competitors like Malone — but he has and continues to lead the field as the second half of men's qualifying heads into its final three rotation of events.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (7)

Through nine rotation of events so far, Richard has the highest overall score in the high and parallel bars and the third highest score on the floor.

He's ahead by a full point over Asher Hong, in second place, who has been strong in vault, parallel bars and on the floor. (On the side, Richard also built a viral TikTok following.)

Malone is in third, Shane Wiskus is in fourth and Paul Juda is in fifth.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (8)

He Said He'd Stop Competing If He Didn't Get to Paris — Now He's Thriving

June 29, 2024 03:49 PM EDT

Shane Wiskus had said that he would stop competing after qualifying if he didn't make the cut for another Olympic team after making it to Tokyo in 2021, according to the Associated Press.

But don't say it's all over yet.

The 25-year-old Minnesota native has been positively cheered on by the crowd in Minneapolis during the trials so far and he's had strong showings on the floor, parallel bars and vault events.

After eight rotations over two days, with another four to go, he's in third place overall.

Wiskus has apparently been drafting off the hometown support, saying after the first night of men's trials, per the AP: "I felt nothing but love out there tonight and [it] gave me goosebumps for every event."

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (9)

Brody Malone, Poised to Make the Team, Falls Off Horizontal Bar

June 29, 2024 03:19 PM EDT

The high bar was the event that brought him closest to a medal in the Tokyo Games, in 2021, when he placed fourth. But it may prove to be a problem for Malone:

He surprisingly fell during his routine in the second half of men's qualifying at the U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials on Saturday, June 29.

He also "went the wrong way" during another maneuver, requiring some quick thinking to accommodate his landing on the other side of the bar than planned.

Malone, 24 and the 2024 national champion, entered the day in second overall and is still favored to make the cut, despite that poor showing.

Men Return for Day 3 to Find Out Who Is Going to Paris

June 29, 2024 03:11 PM EDT

Day 3 of the 2024 U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials are here — and we’re about to find out which men have made the team to head to the Paris Games next month.

Twenty gymnasts are competing for slots on Team USA. They’ll find out if they made it after another round of six events, on Saturday, June 29.

Heading into the day, gymnasts Fred Richard, Malone and Shane Wiskus — a Minnesota native greeted with rapturous response by the crowd here in Minneapolis — were in first, second and third places, respectively.

Paul Juda and Asher Hong are in fourth and fifth.

Simone Biles Made a 'Great Recovery' but Was 'Pissed' About Wobbles on Beam: Coach

June 29, 2024 02:40 PM EDT

In case the four-letter word she let slip didn’t make it clear, Biles was “very, very pissed” about her wobblier-than-usual showing on the balance beam during the 2024 U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials, her coach said.

But she quickly rebounded on Friday, June 28, with first-place showings on the floor and vault.

That’s exactly how it should be, Laurent Landi told reporters afterward, calling it “a great recovery” for the 27-year-old reigning world champion who is now on the verge of making her third Olympic team and heading to the Paris Games next month.

Landi, who coaches Biles with his wife, Cecile, said she had been shaken by gymnast Kayla DiCello suffering an Achilles injury during her very first event, on the vault, and withdrawing from trials.

He also suggested that she’s still dealing with what happened during the Tokyo Games, in 2021, when Biles botched a vault routine and then pulled out of most of her events after being struck by a case of what’s called the “twisties,” in which she lost the ability to know where her body was in the air.

“Her mental is still — it’s never going to be healed completely, so this is why she really needs to calm herself down,” Landi said.

He pointed to her "almost perfect floor and then amazing vault" after the beam as proof, if any was needed, that "she’s really 100% right now."

Read more here.

Jordan Chiles Tells PEOPLE How She Got Herself Ready to 'Slay'

June 28, 2024 11:34 PM EDT

Speaking with reporters after the first day of women's qualifying, which saw her come in second behind Biles, Chiles, 23, tells PEOPLE that she made a conscious effort to have fun — despite the obvious stress and expectation.

"This morning it was a little rough during our practice and I was like, 'What am I doing? I'm overthinking. I'm stressing too much. Why am I doing that?' " she says. "So the whole time while I was getting ready, we were vibing, we were listening to music: Megan [Thee Stallion] Beyoncé, GloRilla, like every girl artist that you can think of was popping up and I was like, 'Okay, you know what? If these girls can slay like this, I can go out there and slay like them.' "

"What I came in to do today was basically just to have fun and just to vibe with everybody," Chiles continues. "Obviously, there was a lot of things that happened at the very beginning [with injuries] and I wanted just to, first off, give my condolences out to those girls for sure, especially Kayla [DiCello] and Shi [Shilese Jones]. I know that's not something that you want to start this Olympic trials off with.

"So with knowing that, I just knew I needed to take myself and take time to myself and reset and just have fun. This meet is already stressful itself — so might as well put some good energy out there."

The 4 Leading Women Gymnasts So Far All Went to Tokyo

June 28, 2024 10:45 PM EDT

The women have now completed their first of two days in the 2024 U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials and Biles, though she had some problems on the balance beam, nonetheless soared to first place — in keeping with how she has long dominated in the sport.

Behind her in first were Chiles in second; Lee in third; and Carey in fourth. All four competed in the Tokyo Games and all four earned medals there.

The women will finish their qualifying with another round of their four events on Sunday, June 30, after which the team will be named.

Simone Biles Nails Her Floor Routine — and So Does Jordan Chiles

June 28, 2024 09:31 PM EDT

Whatever stumbles she ran into during her balance beam routine, Biles pulled off the highest individual score of the whole night so far (14.850) with her floor routine, set to a thumping, instrumental version of Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?"

That helped her leap back to the top spot overall, with three events now complete.

Just behind her are 2020 Olympic teammates Lee — whose first-place score on the beam boosted her — and Chiles, who came in third on the floor with an ecstatic showing of her own.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (10)

It's a Homecoming for Olympic Medalist Suni Lee

June 28, 2024 09:03 PM EDT

Lee, 21, has faced health challenges like kidney disease and other struggles on her road back to the Olympics — where she won three medals at the Tokyo Games, including the gold in individual all-around — but she's been among the top gymnasts at the trials on Friday night.

After two events, she's in fifth place overall and she placed third in bars. That kind of performance should keep her in the discussion to make the team that goes to Paris.

The crowd has also clearly embraced the St. Paul, Minnesota, native.

Visibly Frustrated Simone Biles Mouths 'F---' After Beam Routine

June 28, 2024 08:47 PM EDT

A shakier-than-usual beam routine for Biles, including wobbling on her mount, had her frustrations boiling over for a moment.

Despite landing a number of tricky flips, spins and other maneuvers during the event, the gymnast quickly mouthed "f---" when she landed off the beam.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (11)

Still, the Olympic gold medalist and frequent national and world champion only narrowly trails Leanne Wong for second place in the overall event so far.

Biles scored the second-highest of all the women on the uneven bars and came in third for beam.

Shilese Jones Has Triumphant Showing on the Bars

June 28, 2024 08:29 PM EDT

Second time was the charm for Shilese Jones on Friday night.

After the 21-year-old declined to compete in the vault event — amid speculation that she may have injured herself during warmups — she returned for her second event, on the uneven bars.

There, she pulled off the highest-scoring routine so far, edging out Biles, despite any physical issues she may be dealing with.

That turned out to be her only event of the evening, though it means she's still in contention for a spot on Team USA.

Watching in the stands, her mom, Latrice, looked overcome at her success.

Skye Blakely in Tears as She Gets Standing Ovation After Injury Foils Olympic Plans

June 28, 2024 08:09 PM EDT

Skye Blakely returned to the Olympic gymnastics trials on Friday night on crutches, after an injury to her right Achilles forced her to leave the competition — and she was welcomed with a standing ovation from the crowd that left her in tears.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (12)

The 19-year-old previously posted an emotional update on Instagram about the end of her current season and a promise that she would be back on the mat again.

"[T]his is not the way I saw my olympic trials going or how my season ends. I’m devastated and heartbroken but I believe everything happens for a reason," she wrote.

"I was so close to reaching my dream but this injury was unavoidable. I had an amazing season that I am extremely grateful for."

Kayla DiCello Leaves with an Apparent Injury

June 28, 2024 07:41 PM EDT

Kayla DiCello, the third-place all-around finisher at the most recent national competition, had an immediate stumble at the start of trials on Friday night: The first woman up, she appeared to injure herself during the vault event.

It's unclear exactly what went wrong, though DiCello seemingly collapsed out of her landing. She was seen getting emotional as she sat on the mat while staff evaluated her.

She was then carried to a wheelchair, favoring her foot, and left the floor.

Shortly after, USA Gymnastics posted an update on social media: "Kayla Dicello is unable to continue competition tonight after sustaining an injury on vault. Her condition is being evaluated by the medical team."

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (13)

Simone Biles and the Women Gymnasts Take the Floor for Trials

June 28, 2024 07:34 PM EDT

It’s Day 2 of the U.S. gymnastics Olympic trials — and the women are taking the floor.

The second night of the competition, on Friday, June 28, at Minneapolis' Target Center, will see 15 gymnasts fighting to be named to Team USA for the Paris Games starting next month.

Qualifications will take two days; the women will be selected for Team USA on Sunday night.

The men, who began their trials on Friday, will be picked when their trials conclude on Saturday.

Biles, the reigning all-around world champion, has already been embraced by an enthusiastic Minneapolis crowd: They broke into roars of applause when she made her introduction at the start of the night.

Skye Blakely Vows to 'Be Back' After Withdrawing from the Trials

June 28, 2024 04:56 PM EDT

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (14)

After sustaining an injury to her right Achilles during a practice session, Olympic hopeful Skye Blakely had to pull out of this weekend's U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team trials in Minneapolis.

Following the news of her exit, the 19-year-old gymnast took to Instagram to share an emotional update about the end of her current season and a promise that she will be back on the mat again.

"unfortunately I ruptured my achilles during podium training," she captioned a photo of her preparing for practice. "this is not the way I saw my olympic trials going or how my season ends. I’m devastated and heartbroken but I believe everything happens for a reason. I was so close to reaching my dream but this injury was unavoidable. I had an amazing season that I am extremely grateful for."

The two-time world champion added, "the plans we have for ourselves aren’t always the plans God has for us. I’m going to keep my chin high and be proud of the statement I have made for myself these past couple years. I’ll be back🤍"

Later, on X (formerly known as Twitter), Blakely posted an update about her injury. "it was not the same achilles that had been giving me trouble. during the set of my double lay full, I felt my achilles tear. thank you for all the love that has been sent my way🫶🏽🫶🏽," she clarified, explaining what happened on the mat.

These Gymnasts' Parents Have the Best Reactions During Day 1 of Trials

June 28, 2024 12:45 PM EDT

Night one of the trials was packed full of dramatic moments as the men's competition got underway at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

While Fred Richard, Brody Malone and Shane Wiskus all had impressive performances, ending the night as the top three all-around competitors, it was all of the gymnasts' parents who ultimately stole the show as they watched the rotations unfold.

Of course, the official Instagram and TikTok accounts for USA Gymnastics and NBC Olympics captured several great reactions from the night.

In one clip, which had "We Love a Good Parents Cam" written over it, Khoi Young's parents were seen throwing their hands in the air during his vault rotation. In the caption, NBC Olympics noted they "were hyped after seeing their son's vault," where he ultimately earned a 14.950.

In another clip, Richard's father took to his feet after his son's floor routine, where he scored a 14.700. "When your son is leading the competition at Olympic Trials," NBC Olympics wrote over the clip, adding in the caption that "nobody was cheering louder for Frederick Richard than his parents."

Not to be outdone, "Asher Hong's family was just as excited on night one," NBC Olympics captioned a clip of them getting "hyped" after he nailed his routine on the horizontal bar. He earned a 13.100 on the apparatus and came in fifth overall after night one.

Fred Richard Leads the Men's Competition After Day 1 of Trials

June 28, 2024 11:35 AM EDT

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (15)

The men came to play during day one of the competition!

Fred Richard, who hopes to make his Olympic debut in Paris this summer, has emerged as the front-runner of the men's competition at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. He is currently the all-around leader with a score of 85.600.

Richard, 20, also earned the highest scores in two apparatuses, receiving a 14.400 on the horizontal bar and a 14.700 on the floor exercise.His best individual score was a 15.050 on the parallel bars, while Curran Phillips led that apparatus with a 15.600.

Richard is closely followed by reigning national all-around champion Brody Malone, who previously represented Team USA at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. He scored a total of 85.100. His best apparatus of the night was the parallel bars, earning him a 14.750.

Behind both athletes is Shane Wiskus, who scored 84.300 and is in third after night one. He was also a member of Team USA at the last Olympics, where the men came in fifth place overall.

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (16)

Skye Blakely Pulls Out of Trials After Getting Injured During Practice Session

June 27, 2024 02:30 PM EDT

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (17)

Skye Blakely's hopes of making the U.S. women's Olympics gymnastics team has just been cut short.

On Thursday, June 27, the gymnast, 19, sustained an Achilles injury and had to pull out of the team trials just one day before the women's competition was set to begin on Friday.

"During Podium Training on Wednesday, Skye Blakely sustained a right Achilles injury and will be unable to compete in Olympic Trials," USA Gymnastics posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

"We are cheering for Skye in her recovery!" they added.

According to ESPN, Blakely was running through her floor exercise routine "when her right leg gave way during a tumbling pass." The outlet reported that "she was in tears as she was helped off the podium and placed in a wheelchair to be evaluated."

The news comes as the trials kick off at the Target Center in Minneapolis, with day one of the men's competition starting at 6 p.m. ET.

The injury, per ESPN, comes three years after the gymnast "tore a ligament in her elbow on the first day of the 2021 U.S. Olympic trials, forcing her out of the competition."

Leading up to this year's trials, Blakely placed second in the all-around at the 2024 Winter Cup and came in second behind Biles at the national championships at the end of May. During that competition, she also came in second on the vault apparatus and third on uneven bars and balance beam and was named to the 2024 USA Gymnastics National Teams.

If she made the team, it would have marked her Olympic debut.

On Wednesday, Blakely, who gymnastics champion Laurie Hernandez considered an "underdog" coming into this year's trials, took to her Instagram Stories to share a selfie of her getting ready for the official practice session. "Podium training 🤍," she captioned the photo.

How to Watch and Who's Competing at the 2024 Trials

June 27, 2024 01:22 PM EDT

The 2024 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team trials kick off with the men's competition on Thursday, June 27 before wrapping up with the second day of the women's competition on Sunday, June 30.

According to NBC Sports, all four days of the trials will air live on NBC and USA Network and stream on Peaco*ck, with coverage beginning during the primetime TV viewing hours on the first two nights.

Daily Schedule and Where to Watch:

Thursday, June 27: Men's Day 1

  • USA Network and Peaco*ck, from 6 to 9 p.m. EST

Friday, June 28: Women's Day 1

  • Peaco*ck, from 7:30 to 8 p.m. EST
  • NBC and Peaco*ck, from 8 to 10 p.m. EST

Saturday, June 29: Men's Day 2

  • NBC and Peaco*ck, from 3 to 6 p.m. EST

Sunday, June 30: Women's Day 2

  • NBC and Peaco*ck, from 8:30 to 11 p.m. EST

Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (18)

Who's Competing:

Looking ahead at the women's competition, Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez tells PEOPLE at an NBC Universal Paris Olympics press event on June 26 that Skye Blakely had a "really impressive showing" at the U.S. National Gymnastics Championships at the end of May, noting that "she's kind of an underdog from there."

At the same event, "we saw Simone [Biles] win by six points, which is unheard of," says Hernandez, 24. The 27-year-old gymnast, who competed at the 2016 Rio Games and 2020 Tokyo Games, is expected to be a lock for this year's team.

Here's the full roster for the men's and women's competition and how they finished at nationals.


  • Simone Biles, 1st
  • Skye Blakely, 2nd
  • Kayla DiCello, 3rd
  • Sunisa Lee, 4th
  • Jordan Chiles, 5th
  • Hezly Rivera, 6th
  • Jade Carey, 7th
  • Leanne Wong, 8th
  • Tiana Sumanasekera, 9th
  • Joscelyn Roberson, 10th
  • Zoey Molomo, 11th
  • Simone Rose, 12th
  • Eveylynn Lowe, 13th
  • Dulcy Caylor, 14th
  • Kaliya Lincoln Frisco, petitioned
  • Shilese Jones Auburn, petitioned


  • Brody Malone, 1st
  • Fred Richard, 2nd
  • Khoi Young, 3rd
  • Yul Moldauer, 4th
  • Shane Wiskus, 5th
  • Paul Juda, 6th
  • Donnell Whittenburg, 7th
  • Cameron Bock, 8th
  • Colt Walker, 9th
  • Asher Hong, 10th
  • Fuzzy Benas, 11th
  • Jeremy Bischoff, 12th
  • Josh Karnes, 17th
  • Kiran Mandava, 20th
  • Kai Uemura, 23th
  • Tate Costa, 25th
  • Curran Phillips , petitioned
  • Alex Diab, N/A
  • Patrick Hoopes, N/A
  • Stephen Nedoroscik, N/A

Former Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Breaks Down How the Team Is Chosen to PEOPLE

June 27, 2024 01:22 PM EDT

Another Fierce Five will soon be chosen, but how? It's not as simple as best score at the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team trails this week.

Who better to explain the process than Laurie Hernandez, who earned a silver and a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics and now serves as a commentator for NBC.

Hernandez, 24, tells PEOPLE at an NBC Universal Paris Olympics press event on June 26 that there's "three tiers of qualifiers that happen."

First, was the 2024 Core Hydration Gymnastics Classic, which was held in May. "That event qualifies you to Championships," Hernandez says. "The U.S. Gymnastics Championships was a few weeks ago, we saw Simone [Biles] win by six points."

"Those athletes will go on and qualify into Olympic trials," explains Hernandez. "So somewhere around 15 athletes or so will be competing there."

The top two finishers at trials are automatically on the Olympic team — but the rest of the spots can be "shuffled in any way that the Olympic Committee sees fit."

"So someone who comes in fifth place is not automatically on a five-person team, they're allowed to take person six or seven and swap them if that's what they choose," Hernandez tells PEOPLE, noting that there are also three alternates chosen for the team.

It's then that these athletes go into a training camp, where who will compete in which events is decided upon.

To learn more about all the Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, visit and come to to check out ongoing coverage before, during and after the games. Watch the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, beginning July 26, on NBC and Peaco*ck.

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Simone Biles Makes History by Qualifying for Paris: Read the Full Recap of U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials (2024)


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