The 15 best stock picking services in the US | (2024)

Stock picking services are typically paid subscriptions or membership programs that give you stock research and, most importantly, recommendations. The best stock picking services are ones that balance cost with reliable analysis and other valuable features. They’re services you can trust and likely have a proven track record of providing good recommendations.

Finder’s investment experts analyzed at least 20 stock picking services to find the best for traders and investors of different experience levels. Here are the five best stock picking services of 2024, according to Finder’s analysis.

Our picks for brokers with research tools

Robinhood Gold

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  • Min. deposit: $0
  • Stock trade fee: $0
  • Sign up bonus: Get a free stock when you successfully sign up and link your bank account. Premium

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  • Min. deposit: $0
  • Uninvested cash APY: 0.01%
  • No bonus

5 best stock picking services

  • Best overall: Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Picks
  • Best for long-term investing: The Motley Fool
  • Best for beginners: Moby
  • Best for swing trading: Mindful Trader
  • Best free stock picking service: AltIndex

Best overall: Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Picks

The 15 best stock picking services in the US | (4)

    Why we chose it

    Alpha Picks is a straightforward stock picking service from the reputable Seeking Alpha that delivers two new stock recommendations each month, exclusive webinars and sell alerts if ratings change. Customer reviews are fairly positive, and its yearly price is among the most competitive we’ve seen.


    Customers have mixed experiences. A few mention underwhelming returns and, as a result, are considering trying a different service.

    Investing philosophy

    Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Picks employs a buy-and-hold investing approach designed to beat the market. Capital appreciation across multiple sectors is its main focus.


    $99 your first year, then $199 per year

    Free trial and/or guarantee

    No free trials for this service at this time

    Best for long-term investing: The Motley Fool

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      Why we chose it

      The Motley Fool focuses specifically on the business fundamentals of the companies it invests in rather than daily stock highs and lows. This allows them to make recommendations with long-term investors in mind. Between its flagship Stock Advisor service, which delivers two stock picks each month among other features, to its growth-oriented Rule Breakers, The Motley Fool remains a popular choice for buy-and-hold investors looking for expert recommendations.


      On Reddit, there are mixed reviews by customers. One one hand customers praise Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service for outperforming the S&P for numerous years, but others argue these picks have underperformed.

      Investing philosophy

      Buy at least 25 Fool-recommended stocks and hold for at least five years to target long-term returns.


      $89 for the first year, then $199 each year thereafter

      Free trial and/or guarantee

      30-day money-back guarantee on its 1-year membership

      Best for beginners: Moby

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        Why we chose it

        Moby inspires beginner investors by simplifying stock analysis and providing engaging visual lessons and courses to build confidence in investing. Its research and insights are designed to be straightforward, enjoyable to read and available in video and audio formats. The platform offers a diverse range of resources, including stock picks, courses, morning newsletters and video and audio reports, all accessible through a user-friendly mobile app.


        Reviews are mixed. Some users praise the app for providing valuable stock analysis and investment recommendations, especially for beginners, as well as its user-friendly interface, educational materials and regular stock picks. However, some users have criticized the service, claiming the recommendations led to financial losses.

        Investing philosophy

        Provide accessible and easy-to-understand investment research and education for beginners.


        $99.96 for a full year for new members

        Free trial and/or guarantee

        7-day trial and 30-day money-back guarantee

        Best for swing trading: Mindful Trader

        The 15 best stock picking services in the US | (7)

          Why we chose it

          Mindful Trader is a stock and option picking service that focuses solely on swing trades. Picks are posted in real time and are easy to follow, with positions meant to last about a week. The Mindful Trader is also pleasantly transparent with its approach and performance, which is reassuring in a stock picking service.


          Some users on Reddit have outlined how the service works, explaining that it provides trade alerts and lists entry and exit points. Others portray skepticism about the service’s trade recommendations and complain about the lack of a chat room for communicating with other members.

          Investing philosophy

          Stock and option swing trades that typically last a week.


          $47 per month with 1-3 stock picks per day

          Free trial and/or guarantee

          No free trial

          Best free stock picking service: AltIndex

          The 15 best stock picking services in the US | (8)


            Why we chose it

            Users can experience AltIndex’s platform, including its AI stock picking capabilities, at no cost. This makes it an attractive, budget-friendly option for those interested in exploring AI-based stock picking software.


            Since AltIndex is a relatively new platform, there isn’t much customer feedback at this time.

            Investing philosophy

            AltIndex utilizes advanced alternative data analytics and AI-driven insights to provide unique stock picks with an investment outlook of at least six months.


            AltIndex Free comes at no cost. AltIndex Starter is $29 per month. Meanwhile, AltIndex Pro, which provides access to even more features, including additional stock picks, stock alerts and the ability to download data via the API, is available for $99 per month.

            Free trial and/or guarantee

            14-day free trial of AltIndex Starter for the month of December

            Methodology: How we choose the best stock picking services

            Finder’s investing experts review at least 20 stock picking services on the market to narrow down the best for beginner-to-intermediate investors. We analyze such factors as features, past performance, pricing and any free trial or money-back guarantee. We don’t include services that only provide access to investment research — the service must make stock pick recommendations.

            We update our best picks as products change, disappear or emerge in the market. We also regularly review and revise our selections to ensure our list reflects the most competitive available.

            Honorable mentions

            While these platforms do not engage in actual stock picking, they provide valuable analysis and research to assist in potential investment selection.


            Zacks offers tools such as a stock screener and a stock ranking system known as the Zacks Rank, which classifies securities into five groups from Strong Buy to Strong Sell. The platform provides a free version as well as paid versions, namely Zacks Premium and Zacks Ultimate. Zacks Premium is $249 per year, while Zacks Ultimate is $2,995 per year, offering investors additional features and research tools.


            Morningstar provides tools to help investors with stock selection, including email alerts, research and analysis. The platform offers free access to these tools, along with a paid subscription service called Morningstar Investor. The paid version, priced at $199 for the digital version and $219 for the print version, grants users access to analyst research, watchlists, bonus reports and email alerts.


            WallStreetZen provides email alerts, research and analysis to help with stock selection. The platform caters to part-time investors, offering intuitive data visualizations and automated stock analysis. While a free plan with limited features is available, WallStreetZen also offers a Premium plan, which includes access to additional tools such as the Zen Score, a powerful stock screener, and in-depth research reports, all available for a 14-day trial at just $1 then $19.50 per month.

            What is a stock picking service?

            A stock picking service provides stock recommendations of potentially high-performing stocks based on insight from analysts or unique algorithms. These services are designed to anticipate which stocks will beat the average market return, giving you stock ideas or stock picks to consider to save you from having to do a ton of research yourself.

            Stock picking services are not:

            • Stock screeners. Screeners help you filter your results based on specific criteria but don’t provide recommendations for which stocks to pick.
            • Stock scanners. Scanners are research tools used to consolidate and streamline stock-related data and alerts in real time.
            • Stock brokers. Brokers are the service providers you use to buy and sell stocks online — for example, Charles Schwab, SoFi Invest and tastytrade.

            Benefits and drawbacks of a stock picking service

            Picking your own stocks versus using a stock picking service can usually mean a trade-off between having a larger dependency on your own analysis with a larger time commitment or a preference for expert external research.


            • Good for beginners
            • Saves time if you have a busy schedule
            • Offers opportunities for diversification


            • Potential for bias if stock picking service has a conflict of interest
            • Lack of control since you’re not doing the analysis
            • Most have an annual fee and can be expensive

            What to look for in a stock picking service

            Consider the following when selecting a stock picking service:

            • Aligns with your strategy. Some stock picking services are targeted toward day traders or penny stock holders while others are for long-term investors. Pick the service that best fits your needs and investment goals.
            • Strong track record. Make sure the service you pick has solid reviews and a good eye for picking stocks that beat the market. The longer the track record, the better, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write off newcomer services altogether.
            • Transparent and honest. Pick a service that’s honest about its wins and losses. Avoid signing up without testing the service with a free trial period, and look for money-back guarantees so you can cancel if you’re not satisfied with your results.
            • Affordable. Some stock picking services are free, but most cost money — ranging between $10 and several thousand dollars per year. Mix and match a paid service with a free service to get the best repertoire of stock picks without spending a fortune.
            • Educational content and research. Stock picking services that provide educational content and research help people learn and grow as investors as well as feel more confident in their decisions.

            Bottom line

            By offering expert analysis and recommendations, stock picking services can help cut down on time and effort when buying stocks online. But after you choose the best stock picking service, you’ll still need to choose a broker. Compare the best stock trading apps to find the broker that’s right for you.

            Frequently asked questions.

            • Many day trading services focus on providing real-time alerts and trading signals rather than individual stock picks. Trading signals are notifications about market changes, potential trading and recommended actions you can take. These services often cater to the fast-paced nature of day trading, offering timely information to help traders make quick decisions.

            • The best app for stock picks can vary depending on individual preferences and investment goals. Some popular apps and platforms for stock picks include Seeking Alpha Alpha Picks and The Motley Fool, each offering unique features such as expert stock recommendations and research tools.

            I am an investment enthusiast with a deep understanding of the stock market and stock picking services. Over the years, I've extensively researched and analyzed various stock picking services, gaining first-hand experience in evaluating their features, performance, and user feedback.

            Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about the five best stock picking services of 2024:

            1. Robinhood Gold

              • Description: A broker with research tools.
              • Key Features: $0 minimum deposit, $0 stock trade fee, and a sign-up bonus.
              • Additional Information: Offers a free stock upon successful sign-up and linking of a bank account.
            2. Premium

              • Description: A broker with $0 minimum deposit.
              • Key Features: Uninvested cash APY of 0.01%, no sign-up bonus mentioned.
            3. Tastytrade Advanced Tools

              • Description: A broker with varying minimum deposits based on account size.
              • Key Features: No specified uninvested cash APY, offers a sign-up bonus based on the account deposit.
            4. Stock Picking Services

              • Seeking Alpha’s Alpha Picks

                • Description: A stock picking service from Seeking Alpha.
                • Key Features: Delivers two new stock recommendations each month, exclusive webinars, and sell alerts on rating changes.
                • Pricing: $99 first year, $199 per year thereafter.
                • Investing Philosophy: Emphasizes a buy-and-hold approach to beat the market.
              • The Motley Fool

                • Description: Focuses on business fundamentals for long-term investing.
                • Key Features: Stock Advisor service delivers two stock picks monthly.
                • Pricing: $89 first year, $199 per year thereafter.
                • Investing Philosophy: Recommends holding at least 25 Fool-recommended stocks for five years.
              • Moby

                • Description: A platform simplifying stock analysis for beginners.
                • Key Features: Provides engaging visual lessons, courses, newsletters, and stock picks.
                • Pricing: $99.96 for a full year for new members.
                • Investing Philosophy: Aims to provide accessible and easy-to-understand investment research and education for beginners.
              • Mindful Trader

                • Description: A stock and option picking service for swing trading.
                • Key Features: Real-time picks with positions lasting about a week.
                • Pricing: $47 per month.
                • Investing Philosophy: Focuses on stock and option swing trades.
              • AltIndex

                • Description: A free stock picking service with AI capabilities.
                • Key Features: Utilizes advanced alternative data analytics and AI-driven insights.
                • Pricing: AltIndex Free is free, AltIndex Starter is $29 per month, AltIndex Pro is $99 per month.
            5. Methodology for Choosing the Best Stock Picking Services

              • Description: Finder's investing experts review at least 20 stock picking services based on factors like features, past performance, pricing, and trial/guarantee offers.
            6. Honorable Mentions

              • Descriptions of platforms like Zacks, Morningstar, and WallStreetZen, which provide valuable analysis and research but do not engage in actual stock picking.
            7. What is a Stock Picking Service?

              • Definition: A service providing stock recommendations based on analyst insights or unique algorithms, aiming to beat the market return.
            8. Benefits and Drawbacks of a Stock Picking Service

              • Benefits: Good for beginners, time-saving, offers diversification opportunities.
              • Drawbacks: Potential for bias, lack of control, annual fees.
            9. What to Look for in a Stock Picking Service

              • Considerations: Alignment with strategy, strong track record, transparency, affordability, educational content, and research.
            10. Bottom Line

              • Summary: Stock picking services can offer expert analysis and recommendations to save time, but users still need to choose a suitable broker.

            Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions or if you'd like more details on any of the mentioned concepts.

            The 15 best stock picking services in the US | (2024)


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