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WFAA News Dallas | Live News Globe (1)WFAA News Dallas is a popular TV broadcaster affiliated to ABC Network and serving Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The service works under the ownership of Tegna Inc. WFAA has been providing its quality local news service to the entire North Texas region for more than 75 years. It is famous for its long accurate weather forecast history. People watch this channel for the local news and weather information of the state. It covers Texas lifestyle news, community, and development news. Also, traffic and local food information. Due to its high rating of on-air content, viewers tune WFAA live stream for Dallas weather & closing and delays.

Check WFAA Radar for Dallas Weather Forecast

Make yourself up to date with the latest weather updates for Dallas. You can see WFAA Radar to check the live weather situation around the city. The atmosphere can be seen using real-time interactive cameras and live radar. WFAA radar shows the exact and accurate weather forecast. It has a history of giving the best weather predictions to the Dallas-Fort Worth local community.

Often regarded as the top-rated channel on Dallas weather news, WFAA Radar is praised for its well equipped automatic weather station, which notify with early weather warnings for Hurricanes and floods and snowfall. To the people of Texas, WFAA Radar is the best-known source to check the Dallas weather forecast.wi

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Channel 8 News Dallas has always been on top of news investigation and broadcast innovation. It has always led the way in times of disruptions. As the community evolved, WFAA News evolved with it. Viewers can find the News 8 over the satellite or any cable network service in the area. They can also get it over the internet via WFAA live stream on the channel’s official website or mobile app. The station uses a famous slogan, “The Spirit of Texas.”

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Dallas Local News at WFAA

TV Station targets the traffic conditions, local top stories, and ‘latest weather updates’ in the area. It is the only largest ABC affiliate service that is not O&O by the network itself.
WFAA’s “Investigation team” investigates the most exciting stories in the area. If you have any story and want to get into its roots, you can contact the station’s I-team. “WFAA Original” provides stories about events or things that are happening around us. It shares dreams, hopes, experiences, and the taste of the world. Ron Corning was a popular host of ‘Morning After.’ He conducted a morning news show with Alexa for many years before he left channel 8.

WFAA Weather Forecast

The channel manages several methodologies to predict the Dallas weather. Apart from weather news on live WFAA stream, live radar gives real-time weather forecast feed to the viewers. It is accessible through a mobile weather app and the WFAA News website. The available online data on the site shows an hourly and 10-day forecast for Dallas and its surroundings. Additionally, it includes insights for humidity, wind speed, and direction.

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If we watch, the Weather girls play an important role in presenting weather news on TV channels. WFAA has the best weather anchors for delivering climate conditions. Sometimes presenters report live from the field when it’s raining or during a thunderstorm. Kalee Dionne is a famous meteorologist at WFAA. The weather girl explains all types of weather predictions in a straightforward format.
On the other hand, Pete Delkus is also a leading meteorologist in the WFAA weather team. The ward-winning host is known for its contributions towards the Dallas community. Overall, WFAA weather anchors are the best-rated climate professionals in the city.

The weather predictions at WFAA weather are 99% accurate because they duly verify it with the National Weather Service. The federal authority closely monitors the atmospheric conditions for the city. Forecast reports are updated daily with clear insights.

What people say about WFAA Weather Service

Reporting of WFAA Forecast is so accurate and exact that we cannot trust any other weather prediction channel.David Harrison

Why should we use WFAA Weather Radar?

Weather Radars are installed to record the atmospheric activity. They are essential equipment to detect wind direction, air quality, cloud formation, humidity, etc. On the other hand, radars are used to forecast rain, storms, and cyclones.

The TV channel is credited with providing precise weather forecast through its WFAA Weather Radars installed all over Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington. The metroplex includes 11 counties of the US state of Texas.

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WFAA Weather is known to be an authority in the weather forecast industry. WAFAA Weather Radars are put in place to scan Dallas weather quality. WAFAA News has established dozens of sites across Dallas-Fort Worth for the public to check weather situations around them. These ‘WAFAA Radars’ are connected with the WAFAA weather app directly to give real-time reports. The channel emphasizes that you download mobile apps to check one of their many WAFAA regional radars near you and forecast, cameras, and current conditions.

Areas of Dallas Covered by WFAA Regional Radar

Local weather radars can detect every minute activity of air. It is particularly helpful when there is a WFAA regional radar nearby you – because one can check climate conditions scanned locally. Dallas-Fort Worth has many regional radars installed by WFAA News. These are used to update viewers with the latest weather situation. Also, people used it through weather app to get the latest rain and storm information. Below is the list of areas and counties covered by WFAA regional radar.

CollinTexas PanhandleWiseMontague / Cooke
DallasSouth TexasParkerWaller County
DentonSoutheast TexasRockwallGrayson / Fannin
TarrantTexas Gulf CoastHuntLamar / Delta
MetroLouisiana TexasNavarroHopkins / Rains / Woods
North TXGulf of MexicoHillVan Zandt / Henderson
Central TexasNationalBosqueFreestone / Anderson
East TXAustinErathHood / Somervell
West TXKaufmanPalo Pinto / StephensComanche / Hamilton
Far West TexasJohnsonYoung / JackCentral TX

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What is News 8 Weatherminds?

WFAA News Dallas | Live News Globe (5)The diversity in weather and atmospheric changes plays an essential role in our daily schedule. It impacts our working and social routine as well. In 2000, WFAA News 8 took the initiative to teach middle school students to explore and understand things that affect weather systems. The senior metrologists Greg Fields, Kyle Roberts, Pete Delkus, and Jesse Hawila joined hands to educate young students.

News 8 Weatherminds team mainly focuses on the Northern Texas climate. They occasionally visit schools and train classes with fun-fact and weather science. The campaign has seen momentum in recent years. Weatherminds Team has been featured in various newspapers and radio programs. It is sponsored by Texas-based electricity firm TXU energy.

News 8 holds its primary studio facilities at Central Dallas’ Victory Park. It is solely a newscast dedicated bureau which also inherits the channel’s other business operations. WFAA News transmitter lies in Cedar Hill’s Belt Line Road.

Weather Team

The expert meteorologist team of the station brings accurate weather conditions to its viewers.

Closing & Delays in Dallas

The impact of weather on everyday routine is noticeable. Sometimes it can change the schedule of work in daily life. WFAA weather periodically measures weather changes and updates its viewers about upcoming closing and delays. It reports proper working, school delays, college timings, and local transport closings.

WFAA News Live Streaming

Apart from weather news, WFAA TV has huge viewership for local news from Dallas. Channel has a sizable audience for Morning news, current affairs and talk shows. Kindly check below the video player to start watching news.

WFAA News claims to be the innovator throughout the history of the media. It was the first TV network to signed on in Dallas. The first service to deliver JFK’s Assassination news. The original one to operate a helicopter for the news services. The only network in the country to introduce computerized newsroom. Also, the first one to create an online web for the station.

Affiliate Partners:

  • ABC
  • Quest
  • Justice Network
  • Weather/Local

Tegna Inc,

The channel operates under the management of Tegna Inc, a company that promises not to take it for granted. The platform serves the community’s greater good. Plus, it offers trustworthy and pertinent content by delivering innovation. It also conducts active investigations and narrates motivating stories. With Tegna Marketing Solutions, the network provides unparalleled solutions to the advertisers.

WFAA Original

News 8 has always strived to provide communication with much more detail. The station looks closely at the world’s events that unfold around people. It is all about sharing the hopes, experiences, and dreams of people around the world. WFAA Original does this with a clear concept in mind i.e., how these events or stories can affect each other or us. It involves all kinds of stories, such as bad, good, painful, and full of tenderness.

Every month, the WFAA Weather team pays a visit to the local schools and inform children about the scientific ways of weather forecasting. The Weatherminds program sends one weather personality to the school. There he/she talks with the children and educates them about the weather. Moreover, the team manages a high-tech interactive radar. It shows the weather conditions in different areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, individually.

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WFAA TV News Team

ABC 8 Dallas has an exclusive news team serving the town all day and every day. WFAA TV Team is compitent and well experienced in delivering local news and weather updates.

Is it a good idea to download WFAA Mobile App?

With the slogan ‘The Spirit of Texas,’ the station’s mobile app offers up-to-date news headlines. Moreover, it also focuses majorly on its weather telecast. The other features include interactive weather radar, custom personalization, and WFAA live stream. Users can get real-time Dallas breaking news on the app. Also, they can also get real-time weather conditions in different areas of the city. Here they can also get the latest forecast by the experienced weather team. They can browse through several video clips & photos and explore top stories.

Besides that, the app also offers:

  • A direct sharing of stories to your family and friends.
  • Also, you can share behind the scene images of their favorite reporters and anchors.
  • Information related to the opening and closing of schools.
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About Channel 8 WFAA-TV

WFAA News first started programming as KBTV on 17 September 1949. The Lacy-Potter TV Broadcasting Group founded the station. It was the 3rd TV service in the Texas state to hit the waves. The second one in the Fort Metroplex area and the first one in Dallas. The station was initially linked with the DuMont network.

The company faced a loss of 128, 020 dollars in its net revenue. Therefore, after operating it for four months, Lacy-Potter Television decided to sell it to The A.H. Belo Corporation. They sold it to Belo in January 1950 for 575000 dollars. On 21 March 1950, the network adopted the latest callsigns “WFAA-TV.” In the same year, the station made NBC as a primary affiliate and ABC as secondary.
In June 2013, Belo and Gannett merged after Gannett Broadcasting bought all the assets of Belo Corporation.

After this merger, WFAA News became the largest TV network of the company by market size. Also, it was also the station’s first ownership switch after sixty-three years. On 5 August 2014, Gannett declared that they are going to split their company into two departments. One would be focusing on the print media, and the other one would cover the broadcast. Following this separation, WFAA News found itself working under the ownership of Tegna Inc.

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Popular TV Programs of WFAA

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Tel: +1 214-748-9631
Tower Location: Cedar Hill’s Belt Line Road
Brand Name: WFAA-TV Channel 8

Coverage Map:

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WFAA News Dallas | Live News Globe (2024)


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